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The Bendix® EverSure® Spring Brake with the No Touch™ Power Spring

Are you frequently replacing your spring brakes?

If your goal is to keep your operating costs down, there is a smarter solution:

The EverSure® Spring Brake with the No Touch™ Power Spring.

By helping prevent coil clash and enabling the protective coating to last longer, the No Touch Power Spring addresses the leading cause of spring brake replacement.

The EverSure Spring Brake:

  • reduces costly repairs and downtime;
  • helps avoid risk to your CSA scores;
  • provides reliable force output for increased safety;
  • and reduces fuel costs with its lighter weight.

The Bendix® EverSure® Spring Brake simply delivers more… more brake force, more power spring life, more brake “reserve” stroke, and more fuel economy.

All Spring Brakes Are Not Created Equal

See the difference in parking force output between EverSure and a low-quality competitor.

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Keeping Your Fleet On The Road Longer

Watch this YouTube video to see how you can get longer service life from the EverSure® Spring Brake.