Air Disc Brakes

Bendix Air Disc Brakes … Superior Safety. Performance. Productivity

Bendix® ADB22X™ air disc brakes provide surer, safer stops. They require less maintenance, and last longer – twice the lining life, four times the rotor life, and they cut service time in half – all of which adds up to less truck downtime, and a healthy return on investment.

What’s more, their braking feel is like that of a passenger car, with virtually no brake fade. Tough and reliable, they were tested on America’s ultimate braking challenge – Colorado’s I-70 west of the Eisenhower Tunnel. Over an 8-mile stretch on a 7% grade, there was no degradation in stopping power.

But then, this is the kind of advanced technology that so many have come to expect from Bendix. With over 19.2 million brakes worldwide and 80 years of pioneering expertise and innovations, you know you can depend on Bendix air disc brakes to safely lead the way.