Bendix® Slack Adjusters

Bendix® Versajust® LS™ with the WearMax™ Clutch

Unlike Bendix® slack adjusters, the majority of slacks on the market today have a fast adjustment rate that increases the likelihood of dragging brakes, which accelerates wear on the brake lining and drum.

We have the fix - the Bendix® Versajust® LS™ Slack Adjuster with the WearMax™ Clutch. Versajust allows for a gradual, continuous, and more concise adjustment rate, so you get:

  • extended lining and drum life;
  • optimized brake performance;
  • and lower maintenance costs by reducing need for "brake adjustments".

In fleet tests versus competitive slacks, the Versajust LS was shown to extend lining life by up to 16%, and drum life by up to 30%.

The Versajust Advantage

Versajust maintains the gap, while competitive slacks increase the likelihood of dragging brakes.

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